omnet – inet .radioin is not connected to sibling or parent module

I have just start using omnet++ 4.1 and inet framework for a wireless simulation. I have just start programming on inet and I have lots of problems while writing a simple example. So I start to write some problems and possible solutions for them for me and others who have the same in their projects.

The first one is in a wireless network try 🙂 (the first try at all)

“radioin is not connected to sibling or parent module” this error occurs when I try to make a wireless node to communicate in a simple network enviorement. I have copy all the necessarry parts form a pre-prepared omnet.ini file but I have missed a point in the ned file. Because I have create the ned file by myself I have miss a command in connection part.

At the beginning of the connection section of the network .ned file the section headline must be:

connections allowunconnected:

instead of


and simulation can be run now.

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Hello world!

gene, yine,yeniden 😀

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